June Calf Blog

It’s Show Season!
Oh boy, cattle are picked out and the list of wants are endless.  Does this happen at your house? 

It’s that time of year we all look forward to but it comes with a lot of patience and enthusiasm.  Do you show cattle and what are your go to’s every year? 

I have a teenage daughter that loves the show ring.  We don’t milk cows so we have turned to leasing these animals.  It gives her the ability to work with some phenomenal people and cattle in the industry.  It’s fun to watch her grow in her excitement in the dairy industry and competing in the ring.  She is so thrilled to have the opportunity to be apart of something each year that continues to grow that network of people. 

It also has expanded her ability to choose animals that she would not have the chance to show if it were not for some wonderful families out there that have adopted her into their show family.  She has the chance to choose different breeds so she can see each breed traits and find the right fit for her.  Trust me, she has had some tough animals to break, of course with the help of Mom & Dad staying close by in the previous years. 

So for you farm families, leasing animals to kids that do not have a chance otherwise to participate in the show ring is truly a rewarding experience for both involved.  I suggest you consider giving it a try!  

See you in the show ring!