Bottle Washer

Performance is everything in a busy prep room and you depend on reliable wash machines that won't break down.  The KLE-175 upright is a high-quality, attractively priced, low-energy dish machine which is unquestionably the best value in the industry.  The KLE-175 upright is quality engineered and manufactured with field-proven parts and materials.  As a result, you receive uncompromised reliability and exceptional uptime performance, year after year.

The GT Series offers reliable performance and attractive pricing.  The GT machine delivers consistent, high-pressure cleaning with a 1HP high efficiency motor and advanced recirculating pump with open impeller.  Other features include:

-Straight-thru or corner configurations

-Microprocessor based electronic control with fourt time selections: 72, 90, 120 or 360 second cycles

-Built-in chemical metering pumps for detergent, sanitizer and rinse with exclusive long-life squeeze tubes

-Automatic Start/Stop

-Convenient Drain/Fill switch

-Active Wash Cycle LED light

-Water connection point for Water Drive Dispensing systems such as Sink Mate and Sink Bowl

-Electronic dispenser power terminal

-14 gauge #304 stainless steel construction

-Front or side accessible Scrap Trap

-Open Impeller with pause cycle

-Internal pump screen

-High-Performance upper and lower spray arms

-Clean up to 46 racks per hour!

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