'Milk Jug' Milk Cooling Tanks

Milk Jug makes it possible to cool milk in very limited spaces.

Milk Jug Cooling Tank 2 Milk Jug Cooling Tank 3

Milk Jug Milk Cooling Tanks

Until now, the only solution for cooling milk for special calf feeding needs was to install a full sized bulk cooler. And, with very limited space in the equipment room or calf barn, this was not a viable solution. The Milk Jug is specially designed for these special applications where waste milk needs to be cooled in a limited space.

The Milk Jug comes in 50, 100 and 200-gallon sizes. Connecting the Milk Jug is extremely simple, requiring a standard 20A, 220VAC plug, cold and hot water, and bulk washing detergent. Modular design allows it to fit through a 36" doorway, allowing it to be installed in most locations.


  • Designed for Automatic Calf Feeding Systems
  • Refrigerated Cooling
  • Easy to Install
  • Quick 10-Minute Wash Cycle
  • Space Saving Design (34" x 34" Footprint)
  • Special Flash-One Step CIP System (10 Minutes)
  • Automatic Empty Shutoff
  • Well Insulated

Double Milk Jug

All the same great features as the single Milk Jug plus more!


  • 2 separate tanks share a cooling unit and a washing unit
  • Always a continuous milk supply
  • As Tank 1 empties, the unit automatically switches to Tank 2 and begins washing Tank 1.
  • As Tank 2 empties, the process is reversed
  • All processes are automatic
  • Additional option for the Auto Fill
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