Milk Taxi 3.0

Reduce rearing costs! Milk Taxi 3.0 offers easier and quicker calf feeding - with pasteurized milk - for a healthy diet.

Milk Taxi 2 Milk Taxi 3

Milk Taxi 3.0 Calf Milk Pasteurizer/ DispenserRugged Stainless Steel Construction


All in one machine:
  • Heats
  • Stores
  • Cools
  • Pasteurizes
  • Mixes milk replacer
  • Transports milk and dispenses to the calves
Options available:
    • "ELAN" battery operated drive system
    • 260L has a trailer hitch with remote feeding button
    • Can be stationary mounted also
    • Semi automatic wash system


The easy way to bucket feed
Milk Taxi gives you time to focus on the important things in the calf pens.
    • Easier and quicker calf feeding
    • Pasteurization for a healthy milk diet
    • Reduced rearing cost
    • No trial and error!
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