What our customers are saying

Beaverbrook Farms Milk Taxi

We had thought about purchasing a milk pasteurizer for our calves in the past, and so when we recently switched to a robotic milking system, the MilkTaxi was an easy choice as it integrated perfectly with the rest of our system. The MilkTaxi allows us to feed our calves more efficiently and precisely, and it is so easy to use, anybody can feed the calves without hassle. We would recommend the Milk Taxi to anyone, robotic milking system or not.

Jim Toop

Maplebranch Farm

Mark Thomas is a registered dairy producer and fourth-generation owner of Maplebranch Farm in Middlebury, Indiana. He farms with his two brothers, and his son is working on the farm as well. The farm maintains a herd of 260 Jersey and Holstein cows, for both dairying and showing. Success depends on keeping the herd healthy and milk quality high. Mark says by focusing on those two areas it makes the herd easier to work with and more profitable. He shares the five things he finds most valuable to herd health and milk quality.

Mark Thomas

Soaring Eagle Dairy

Soaring Eagle Dairy located in Newton, WI has had their Calf Star Large Frame Calf Milk Pasteurizer since February of 2009. Soaring Eagle has a 900 cow dairy where they currently are feeding and growing 101 calves. In those 101 calves there is a total of 10 bull calves. These calves stay on the milk for about 5 weeks when they are then transferred to a second barn and eventually after 5 months and 450 pounds they are sent off to Colorado. By using the Calf-Star large frame pasteurizer this farm has picked up 60 pounds at 5 months for their calves.

Karen Naatz

This is one of the best investments we have made for the calves. The calves seem healthier, each calf gets the correct amount and at the right temperature every feeding. I haven’t had any large scour outbreaks since we started using the Milk Taxi

Karen Naatz